10th Annual Medical & Legal Ethics Conference
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Why Jewish ETHICS?

The Jewish approach to ethics, culled from a rich heritage of over 3000 years of Jewish existence, has been tried and tested with an astonishing degree of continuity and coherence, enabling it to remain steadfast in the face of the transient whims of society. Judaism’s ascription to the commitments, obligations, and duties of each individual, rather than individual rights, and its lack of distinction between law and ethics, ensures that Jewish ethics does not deal with armchair philosophy, but with real, practical cases while proposing unyielding, yet realistic ethical standards. This comprehensive systematic approach of Jewish ethics has universal validity in the societal debate over public policy involving medical, legal and corporate issues.


Mission Statement

The Jewish Ethics Institute (JEI) serves as an educational resource center to inspire physicians, attorneys and business professionals to develop a fresh ethical perspective and unbiased vision to enable them to face contemporary dilemmas and make decisions from a position of knowledge, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.



  • Establish a center of ethics where professionals and lay people will turn when challenged with ethical dilemmas, for clear guidance and solutions by a team of world renowned scholars and ethicists.
  • Provide a relevant, practical and dynamic learning experience for professionals to study medical science, western law and practical ethics through the prism of Jewish law, Jewish ethics and Jewish philosophy.
  • Offer lectures, classes, webcasts and conferences that bring together medical experts, legal scholars and ethicists of international stature to dialogue with rabbinic and Talmudic scholars.
  • Address the ethical, legal and social issues we face in our daily practices and in our interactions with patients, clients and business associates, ensuring a vibrant future for the moral fabric of our society.