10th Annual Medical & Legal Ethics Conference
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About Business ETHICS    Business Ethics

Contemporary business practices are changing the world we know and generating new ethical dilemmas and concerns. Jewish business ethics gives a fresh perspective on many of the issues that inevitably arise in daily interactions in the corporate and business world. What are my responsibilities to my clients and customers? To my employees and co-workers? To my family and myself? Whether you lend, borrow, buy or sell, you will come away from these courses ready to maintain the highest standards of integrity and care in economic life according to the lessons of Jewish philosophy and law.

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Sample Curriculum

  • Economic Competition In Jewish Law
  • Madoff, Ponzi Schemes & Investment Advisor Liabilities
  • The Ethics of Labor Relations and Layoffs
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Piggybacking off a WI-FI Connection
  • Rambam’s Ladder
  • A Jewish Ethical Perspective on American Taxation
  • The Economic Meltdown: A Jewish Perspective
  • The Ethics of Philanthropy: Tainted Donations
  • “The Toyota Recall, Product Liability and Disclosure”
  • Tzedaka Priority List
  • Reading employees email
  • Tortuous Interference-Preempting a Deal Accountability and Transparency
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Bar Metzra- Rights of First Refusal
  • Danger on the job
  • Environmental Concerns